The Future! InfantRobot Edition

Hello! It has been a long time since I have posted anything on InfantRobot. This for me is too long. I want this blog to be both a resource for people who are looking to build amazing things as well as a source of entertainment. This blog will become part of my video series which will follow my development on the projects I am working on. So my goals are pretty simple. Post about a video and blog each week. The videos should be mostly for entertainment value and the blogs will get into the technical details of each project.

Now does that mean I will complete a project each week!? That would be amazing and it is certainly my goal. If I cannot finish a project each week I will then publish a mini episode with the progress I’ve made so far and what I’ve been doing. This will include big projects that will take way more than a week. This means I might have a big project post and a side project to upload each week but no promises yet.

That’s about it for now. As this blog grows things might change but I want to thank anyone who is reading and takes an interest in the projects I am working on. Each view and comment on InfantRobot keeps me going. So thanks to all of you for reading!

PS. My big project right now is a fully functional Wall-e inspired robot. My goal is not for complete movie accuracy (that is impossible in an animated film anyways) but to create a half-size interactive robot with many of the movie’s features. This includes the arms that slide up and down along his body; tracks that move and twist with his motions; and articulate and detailed eyes. So keep an eye out for updates on that.


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