Cooling the Fire TV Stick

My experience with the Fire Stick has not been a great one. I wanted a device that would let me watch movies, TV, and YouTube from the couch. The problem, I wanted it cheap and easy. The Fire Stick comes in at $40 seemed like a good fit from the reviews I saw and against the competition it was on par. When I got the stick it was clear that my expectations were too height. The device is rather slow and the menu is awkward at best. That’s when I noticed that the device got pretty hot when operating.

The Fire Stick is an Android device. When Android devices heat up they lose performance. While watch a video about water cooling android phones to improve the performance it made me ask “Can I cool the Fire TV Stick and improve the performance?” As it turns out you can!

I have done no benchmarks to see before and after, but apps move noticeably faster and smoother after opening up the box.

This mod is pretty simple if you have the parts.

  • Two metal heat sinks
  • Rubber bands or zip ties
  • Thermal Conductor


  1. Open the fire stick from the HDMI port. It is all held together with clips so move slow and they all pop off.
  2. Remove the pink heat conductors and apply thermal conductor. Now push the heat sink firmly onto the two main ICs that are on either side. Then use the rubber band to attach the heatsinks to the board.

There is little more to do. Make sure you can plug everything into the stick and boot it up!

Enjoy the new speeds!!

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