3D Printed Nerf Blaster

This is my “fully” 3D printed foam dart blaster! It was inspired by Nerf’s toy guns that fire foam darts at children. I wanted something a little more suited for adults and much more customizable.   Inspiration: For my Dynamics of Machinery class I needed to build a project. Around this time is when my […]

CS480 Hexapod Robot

Introduction: The original idea of the robot was to create a Octopod (eight legged) robot. Octopods can solve a lot of movement problems that robots have. The robot we designed is holonomic, once the code is in place for it to move in all directions. Through part malfunctions and printers breaking down, we have sense […]

The State of the Printrbot Simple

Back in the summer of 2014 I bought a Printrbot Simple 1405. It was a nice little printer with a build volume of 100x100x120mm. It took about two days to assemble to printer and another day to get the software working. This is one of the first thing is made, a¬†Low Poly Squirtle. This was […]